• Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.
  • A moment on the lips, a life time on the hips.
  • You can never be too rich or to thin.
  • Hunger works but starving works.
  • Of course it's hard; if it were easy, everyone would be thin.
  • This is forever.  I will do anything it takes.  I want to be thin more than anything, even than food.
  • Starvation is fulfilling.  Colors become brighter and brighter, sounds sharper, odors so much more savory and penetrating that inhalation fills every fidre and pore of the body.  The gratest enjoyment of food is actually found when never a morsel passes the lips.
  • Nothing.  Nothing is wrong, and asking is agianst the rules.  Crying is against the rules.  You're strong:  don't let them break you.  They're trying to destroy you!

!Every Girl Has Her Reasons!
  1. Because my skinny clothes are SO much cuter than my fat clothes.
  2. Because it feels great to walk into a store and try anything on.
  3. Because it feels great to ask for a smaller size.
  4. Because I am sick and tired of comparing my current self to my skinny self and not baing sad about it.
  5. Because I haven't heard, "WOW, you're so thin!"  in a long time!
  6. Because it is better to be teased of being too thin than too fat!
  7. Because eating makes me miserable.
  8. Because I may as well just finish what I started.
  9. Because when a guy picks you up you want him to tell you how light you are and how easily you are to carry up the stairs lay you down softly and kiss you good night.
  10. Because being thin makes you prettier.
  11. Because it sucks being the "fat girl" of a group of friends.
  12. Because it is much more fun showing your HOT body off in a bikini than at home getting fatter by the minute.
  13. Because you have power and controle that others have only dreamed of having.
  14. Because when you are thin you don't feel stupid of having dreams of becoming a model!
  15. Because summer in bathing suits are heaven when you are thin.
  16. Because you have come too far to let food get in your way!


Say these everyday and loose some weight by not letting food get in your way!!!

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