!!!Summer Time Makeup!!!

Start with a sheer foundation, like Cover Girl Clean makeup.  My creamy natural mixed with soft honey.  Skip powder:  in the sumn want dewey skin.  Add some cream shadow, like Maybelliene Cream in _Mocha Lites.  Apply with a stipp artist paintbrush, found in the department.  Start with the darkest shade on your outer corners, I shape mine in an oval like shape.  Then add the next darkest shade in the crease of you eye.  Then add the medium shade on the lid and trace along your brows with the lightest shade.  If you like to wear black liner, try one like Loreal Point Plus in Ebony.  Coat your lashes with tons of mascara:  Maybelliene XXL is a good choice.  Line your lips with a creamy liner, like Cover Girl Smoothers in Spices, then top with a pretty ping gloss.  My favorite is Maybelliene Juicy Tube Gloss in Lolly Pop.  Of course you want a good tan, so apply sone Bonne Bell Glimmer Bronze Powder, with a big brush!

The most important thing that people notice of good hygiene is your toenails and fingernails!  So here are 7 steps to a perfect Pedicure and Manicure!

  1. In a big bowl where you can put your feet in, throw some rocky solution, or anything that store sale for aiching feet, into cold freezing water.
  2. Before putting your feet into the water wash your feet, with some acetone to take the old color off of your tonails.  Then wash your feet again in cold water.  (cold water relaxes your feet)
  3. Leave your feet in for at least 10 minutes in the water, enjoy some relaxing music.
  4. Scrub under your feet with a rocky spounge, in a cilcling way. 
  5. Proceed to cut your nails. Cut them squared leaving the angles, sharp.  Now with an orange stick push your cuticals in direction of your finger.
  6. Pass a base coat, leave it for at least 2 min.  or 5.
  7. Try pastel colors, or maybe leave it simple.  If you like strong colors remember that then tend to spead easily!  Don?t forget to leace 10 min. before eace coat of color.  Then apply the top color, wait for atleast 20 min before the top coat of clear.

There you have it!  Tips for a successful beauty treatment!!  Good Luck!

There are some tips that can get you a beautiful beauty treatment!!  Use them like I explained and you just might get a date for this weekend!!

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