Welcome to Bulimic Barbie 2!  This site is a follow up to my last site!  http://www.bulimicbarbie.4t.com you can go to this site and look for other tips that are not shown on here!  Like I always say in the beginning of my site...If you are here just now in recovery of an ED!  THEN LEAVE!!!  Other wise it is not my responsibility to keep track of who comes on my site....and I am glad that you do!!  Thanx for coming and ENJOY!!!

This site is about EDs and how to get one!  Let me start by saying that an ED means Eating Dissorder, for those who maynot know.  Here are a few of EDs...MIA: or bulimia, ANA:  or anorexic, COE:  or compulsive over exercising.


When you wake up in the morning and you look in the mirror and you feel disgusted and you say "What is the point?  I have been on this diet for a month and I havent lost any weight!"  Remember me and what you have read on here, on my last site!  Think about the results of that diet and then think about having an ED!  If you are over 125lbs..i simply suggest that you get an ED or a different diet!

I am doing this to help each and everyone of you people out there in the world who is fat and want to loose weight!  This is not a site that is just here and gives out unuseful tips...my tips work!!  They really give you the results you would want!  I hope you enjoy my site and thanx!!



Bulimc Barbie 2....Like You Have Never Seen Before!!