~!~Reasons to Form an ED~!~

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Here are some reasons to form and Eating Disorder:

  1. If you are over 135 lbs.
  2. If you have love handles.
  3. If you are constently being picked on for being fat.
  4. If you are the fat girl in your group of friends.
  5. If you have friends that are fat and you want to be the ''skinny gurl''.
  6. If you can't fit into a size 9 size jeans.
  7. If you can't fit into a size Small or Medium shirt.
  8. When you dance and you shake your @$$, your belly shakes more than ur @$$!
  9. When you go to the mall and a store clerk tells you, you need a bigger size.
  10. When you step out of the bed in the morning the floor jars.


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